This is a really good success story for those who suffer from endometriosis and infertility.  Everyone is aware that severe endometriosis destroys the ovaries and greatly impairs one’s fertility by harming the quality and quantity of eggs. So, what does a person do when endometriosis has destroyed most of her eggs and she needs IVF?  Read on.

In April 2016, I first met my patient who was only 30 years old with stage 4, severe endometriosis. She had tried to get pregnant for over 2 years. She went to another fertility center who treated her with clomid and gonadotropins (fertility hormones) with artificial insemination (IUI) for 4 cycles without success. That’s why we suggest always getting a second opinion for IVF. Her ovarian reserve was low (day 3 FSH 16 and AMH <0.5) so she was a poor candidate for stimulated IVF. Her left ovary was destroyed by a 5 cm endometrioma and her right ovary had a 15mm endometrioma. Her only real option was Natural Cycle IVF (NCIVF) as her endometriosis had destroyed most of her eggs.

In June 2016, we performed her first NCIVF obtaining her one egg that is naturally produced in her menstrual cycle. With NCIVF, we do not use any ovarian stimulation drugs and this saves the patient many thousands of dollars too. Three days later I transferred a single embryo and in March 2017, she delivered a healthy baby girl. Yea!  Recently, she came back to see me to try for her second baby, so here we go again. I believe she has a very good chance for success. The lesson here is that even though her endometriosis was advanced and had destroyed much of her ovaries, it only takes one good egg and embryo to make a baby and that there are many options available for patients to conceive.

Michael DiMattina, M.D.
Founder and Medical Director at Dominion Fertility

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