The process of Stimulated IVF requires the use of fertility medicine in order to produce extra eggs. In a typical reproductive cycle only a single egg survives, which would work for Natural Cycle IVF, but not ideal for Stimulated IVF.  In a Stimulated IVF cycle where the woman has a strong ovarian reserve, we should be able to collect between 8-15 eggs in a single cycle of Stimulated IVF.

Let’s begin breaking down the process we use at Dominion Fertility for Stimulated IVF. The entire process should take about 3 months.

First Month:

  1. The woman is put on fertility medicine, which is customized per patient assessment.  The medicine stimulates the ovary to allow the extra follicles to grow.
  2. Next we check for their growth with the ultrasound and remove the eggs while the patient is under anesthesia, which usually takes 4-8 minutes.  It is a very quick procedure.
  3. The next step is to fertilize the eggs that same day using ICSI and let them grow in our lab.
  4. We then usually do PGS also know as PGT Preimplantation Genetic Testing/Screening, where we take off just 5-10 cells of the outer layer of the embryo in the area that forms the placenta.  We send this off to the lab to test for any genetic abnormalities.  We then freeze all the embryos.

Second Month:

  1. We let the uterus and ovaries rest from the fertility medicine.  The ovaries will return to normal size again.  Data has shown that we can avoid any chance of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome by resting a month. Data has also shown a more successful outcome when using FET (frozen embryo transfer).
  2. This also gives a chance for us to get the lab results to determine which embryos are genetically normal, which will increase your chance of pregnancy.  It is usually genetically abnormal embryos that result in miscarriage.  This test gives us the ability to transfer only 1 good embryo, reducing the rates of twins as well. PGS/PGT also saves the patient time and money of having to go through multiple cycles hoping for the good embryo to be chosen.
  3. We then have a period cycle consultation and discuss the lab results.

Third Month:

  1. We determine the best time in your cycle to place the embryo back using your normal ovulation time.  If you are traveling and are unable to get in during your natural ovulation time, then we can do a medicated cycle, which allows the monitoring appointments and the actual transfer day to be more predictable.

You will be able to go to work and maintain your lifestyle during this process.  The day we collect your eggs and the day we transfer your embryo, most people usually prefer to take those days off from work and rest.

We hope to see you at Dominion Fertility soon!