What Does Dominion Fertility Do Especially Well? This is a question that is on our anonymous survey that patients can fill out when they are in the office and leave in a “locked box”. Every few weeks, I take them out and read them. I always sit down and give my undivided attention and I feel like good or bad, we can always learn, grow and change to meet our patients’ needs.

“Open the Box” on Fair Oaks Dominion Fertility Reviews

Last week, I went to our Fair Oaks Office and sat down with our Dominion Fertility Fairfax reviews. I am always a little nervous when I “open the box”, because I know how hard our staff works and how upsetting it is if they get less than a perfect, glowing score. We all understand that you can’t please everyone and sadly, sometimes fertility treatments don’t solve the underlying medical problems. I also think that many people forget to leave “good” reviews and that more often we are inclined to leave a “bad” review because our emotions can run so high when we are unhappy (guilty as charged).

Patient feedback gives a true reflection of the Dominion Fertility way

I thought you would like to see the answers to the above question. I can’t agree more and am so proud of our Fair Oaks office and quite frankly all of our offices. I can’t make these statements up; they are a true reflection of the Dominion Fertility way! Amy K. _______________________________

Real Dominion Fertility Patient Reviews

“They make me feel like a part of the family.” “Everyone is always very nice.” “It was nice to be able to email questions which were answered promptly.” “They treat all patients individually.” “The physician’s concern for me and wanting to help me is so genuine.” “It is so easy to communicate with the doctors and nurses.” “They communicate so well to me and make me feel at ease.” “Everyone is so nice and friendly.” “Everyone is so professional.” “They made our experience great!” “The quality time they spend with me,