Meet Our Staff

The entire staff of Dominion Fertility is dedicated to providing you with an outstanding experience as you undergo evaluation and treatment for any and all of your fertility-related concerns. From the receptionists at our Front Desk to our outstanding Physicians, we want you to experience the Dominion difference. It takes a great team to provide such personalized attention, and here at Dominion Fertility, we have a great team.

Embryology Lab Director

Rebecca Stones, PhD, HCLD(ABB)

Rebecca Stones, Ph.D., HCLD, is the Laboratory Director for Dominion Fertility. She received her BSc and Ph.D. from Manchester University in England in 1995 and 1999. She has over 22 years of experience in Clinical Assisted Reproduction and has worked in IVF clinics on three continents.

Rebecca has worked at our Pinnacle Fertility network clinic, ORM Fertility, in Portland, Oregon, for 20 years and has established herself as an excellent and accomplished scientist. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, good humor, and a drive to learn and grow as technology evolves to better serve our patients.

In her personal life, Rebecca is the mother to two teenage boys; she enjoys reading, painting, and gardening. She is also a health coach and helps people recognize and achieve their goals through education and positive messaging.

Rebecca Stones PHD
Practice Administrator

Michelle Pavon, B.B.A., CPC

Meet Michelle Pavon, our Practice Administrator. Michelle has been a member of the Dominion Fertility team since 2010. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration from Marymount University and is a Certified Professional Coder. She is also a  member of the AAPC and the Association of Reproductive Managers.

Michelle oversees and manages all aspects of our Dominion locations, ensuring that the patient experience is a smooth transition through each of our departments. She is active in the fertility community and advocates on Capitol Hill with her team for fertility benefits. She has an integral part in every department at Dominion Fertility, and her support and knowledge of the fertility world make the office run efficiently every day for both the employees and the patients.

“I want our patients to experience the Dominion Way – our philosophy in treating each patient like a family member and making them feel at ease throughout their journey.”

Michelle Pavon | Dominion Fertility Practice Administrator
Director of Nursing and Education

Natalie Sofia, RN, BSN

Meet Natalie Sofia, our Director of Nursing and Education. Natalie graduated from George Mason University in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in nursing and began her nursing career with Dominion Fertility in 2003. In 2007, Natalie began to run the IVF and Ova Donor Program, she works closely with the physicians, embryology staff, and the entire nursing staff,  and her main responsibility is to help her patients prepare and begin their treatment cycles. Natalie, along with the other members of the IVF coordination department, will help patients begin their treatment from beginning to end and is always there to answer questions and provide support. She handles all aspects of IVF treatment cycles: IVF, Frozen Embryo Transfer cycles, and donor egg cycles.

Natalie also works closely with our anonymous egg donors; this includes determining donor egg eligibility, preliminary screening, and preparing the egg donors for their donation cycles; she communicates directly with the egg donors and their recipients and will coordinate, plan and teach all aspects of the process to her patients.

Feel free to contact Natalie with any questions regarding your treatment cycle,


Natalie Sofia | Dominion Fertility IVF & Egg Donor Coordinator
New Patient Liaison

Robin Webb, RN

Meet Robin Webb, our New Patient liaison and member of the marketing team. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and is a Registered Nurse. She has worked for Dominion Fertility since 1993 and initially started with us as a nurse, then spent a few years being our office liaison. Robin was a successful patient of Dominion Fertility, so she understands infertility both as a nurse and as a patient.

Robin takes phone calls from potential new patients, offers support and scheduling for them as well as helps navigate their medical issues. She is also a member of the marketing team.

If you need to schedule an appointment or speak to a nurse about our services, she can be reached at: or by submitting an inquiry from our contact page.


Robin Webb | Dominion Fertility New Patient Liaison
Clinical Coordinator

Stephanie Batista

Meet Stephanie Batista, our Clinical Coordinator. Stephanie has been a member of the Dominion Fertility family for over five years. She is an integral part of the clinical team and is responsible for scheduling all our procedures in our four offices. She also keeps the entire nursing team staffed and their schedules set for our offices to make sure our workflow is smooth. When in the Arlington office, Stephanie assists our doctors in medical procedures and provides patient care. When not working directly with patients or nursing staff, Stephanie keeps our certifications up to date for all doctors, nurses, and employees.

Stephanie was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Maryland. She attended school at Northwestern High School. She received her M.A. Certification from Sanford Brown Institute in Hyattsville, MD. In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys cooking and spending time outdoors with her two children and extended family.

Stephanie Batista | Dominion Fertility Clinical Coordinator
Laboratory Manager and Technical Supervisor

Brad Milette

Meet Brad Milette; he is the technical supervisor of the Embryology lab at Dominion Fertility. He has worked with Dominion Fertility since 2014. Brad has been board certified with the American Board of Bioanalysts since 2009, and in October 2020, Brad was named President of the Society of Reproductive Biologists and Technologists!

In addition to growing up in Rhode Island, Brad received his undergraduate degree in biological sciences from the University of Rhode Island with a background in developmental biology. Though he began his career in Boston, he gained experience in IVF on both coasts, which ultimately led him to settle in Northern Virginia. He remains an active member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and the American Association of Bioanalysts.

Brad Milette | Dominion Fertility Laboratory Manager and Technical Supervisor
Billing Supervisor

Teri Riley, B.A., CPC

Meet Teri Riley, our Billing Supervisor. She earned a B.A. in Psychology from George Mason University. Teri has been in the medical billing field for over 20 years and has been a member of the Dominion Family since 2000. She is a Certified Professional Coder and oversees the day-to-day operations of the Billing Department, which include verification of patient benefits, financial counseling, charge entry and coding, claims submissions, payment posting, review of accounts, and follow-up. She keeps up to date with the ever-changing insurance world and works closely with other departments to ensure the efficiency of billing operations. She also works directly with the billing staff and makes certain all patient concerns or issues are resolved in a timely manner.

If you have a billing issue, question, or concern, please contact our billing department at:

Teri Riley | Dominion Fertility Billing Supervisor
Office Liaison and Social Media Manager

Amy Kelly, M.A.

Meet Amy Kelly, our Office Liaison and member of the Marketing Team since 2009. She obtained her B.S. Degree from Virginia Tech and her M.A. from Marymount University. Amy is responsible for provider relations in our area and outreach to OB/GYN, Urology, and Cancer Center offices. She ensures they know our latest technological advances and what makes Dominion Fertility stand out in the field. She also coordinates lunch and dinner programs for our physicians to share our latest testing and treatments and provide consultation.

Amy also helps the Marketing Team with social media posting, facilitating the Dominion Fertility Support Group on Facebook, and is the event planner for all parties within Dominion Fertility and in the community.

Please contact her at: if there is anything she can do for your office.

Amy Kelly | Dominion Fertility Office Liaison and Social Media Manager
Front Desk Supervisor

Eugenia Orellana

Meet Eugenia Orellana. She is our front desk supervisor and has been with Dominion Fertility since 2011. For much of her day, she is busy handling patient requests, both in person and over the phone. She is also responsible for keeping the doctor’s schedules updated and ensuring that all three of our busy offices are fully staffed at the front desk. She educates and trains new employees on our procedures and oversees the professional development of our front desk staff. In addition, Gena is responsible for keeping current with our office supplies and always has a smile on her face while managing many requests at one time.


Our Additional Staff

Our Nurses

Our Registered Nurses and Medical Assistants can answer many of your medical questions, explain the steps of your treatment, and ensure that you feel comfortable with the entire process.

Our Financial Coordinators

Our experienced financial coordinators are here to help you with the financial aspects of your treatment. They can verify your insurance coverage, submit your insurance claims, help you navigate billing questions, and more. At the start of your treatment, they’ll meet with you to help you determine the best way to pay for your treatment.

Additional Staff Members

Our new patient coordinators and receptionists are also available to help you. Please contact them at any time to set up an appointment, learn more about parking or metro access, ask questions about new patient paperwork, and more. If you have a question but don’t know where to start or who to ask, email us at

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