Egg Freezing Success!

Egg freezing is such an amazing option for our patients. Patients are able to freeze multiple eggs that are later thawed and fertilized then transferred back into the uterus as embryos. Several years ago, we had a wonderful patient who underwent an egg freeze cycle with us. She was successful in her endeavor.

Two beautiful 4-year old daughters.

She came by the office recently to show off her 2 beautiful girls who are now 4 years old. We met them as eggs, again as infants, then toddlers, and now as young ladies. It is such a pleasure to see the outcomes of our efforts and share in their happiness. The entire Dominion Family is so happy for this family, and we wish them much health and happiness in the future!

Please stop by and share your success story with us.

If you are ever in the neighborhood and want to pop in to share your success, you will always be greeted with smiles and cheer from our staff! 

 – Dominon Fertility