The month of January, 2019 was outstanding for our patients treated with IVF/PGT as 27 of 31 patients had positive pregnancy tests.  We expect most to have a happy normal baby but some, unfortunately, will experience early pregnancy loss.  At Dominion Fertility, we generally find a 50% live birth rate per transfer of a single PGT normal embryo in our stimulated IVF program across all age groups.  Such results cannot occur without the use of PGT.

IVF together with PGT is safe when performed by skilled experienced embryologists and it does not cause damage to the embryo or baby.  Our embryologists safely biopsy thousands of embryos every year.  IVF with PGT results in much higher pregnancy rates, requires fewer embryo transfers with fewer miscarriages.

Furthermore, PGT has been shown to be cost effective (Scott et al, Fertil Steril, 2018).  At Dominion Fertility, we have negotiated a cost of $150 per embryo from our genetic lab, the lowest cost for PGT.  We also charge a biopsy fee, so the total cost for PGT is around $2,400 per IVF.  Many IVF centers surcharge the laboratory fee such that the total fee to the patient is 5-7 thousand dollars.  We don’t surcharge our patients.

Currently, Dominion Fertility is exploring a non-invasive method to perform PGT using the embryo culture media to assess the embryo for aneuploidy.  Concordance tests between the embryo culture fluid and the biopsy are in progress.  Non-invasive PGT would be a major breakthrough in IVF as it should further reduce costs and any embryologist could perform the test.   Stay tuned as this is still in the research stage.

Michael DiMattina, M.D.
Founder and Medical Director at Dominion Fertility

Dr. DiMattina | Dominion Fertility