We know your health and wellness is more than just diet and exercise. True health is achieved when we take care of our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Here are a few tips to help take care of yourself this new year.

A new year affords new opportunities to evaluate your goals and things you’re working towards. When making New Year’s Resolutions, most people decide to pursue better physical health. Diet and exercise are an important part of anyone’s fertility journey. A North American preconception cohort study, published in 2016, indicated that “Moderate physical activity was associated with improved fertility among all women regardless of their body mass index.”

How to Set Realistic Goals for 2020

Be Specific

Creating definable goals is an important first step to making a change in your life. Saying “I want to be healthy” is significantly more difficult to define than, “I want to eliminate processed sugar from my diet.”

Make it Measurable

Clearly defining your goal makes you more likely to succeed. This way, you know exactly what you are working toward, and will feel the reward of making incremental progress along the way.

Be Attainable

Holding yourself to impossible standards will leave you discouraged. Evaluate where you are, and determine a goal that seems realistic considering your lifestyle. If you don’t currently exercise, don’t make a goal to exercise every day of the week. Start slow. Make sure you can accomplish what you want to achieve.

Give It Time

Give yourself a deadline. If you want to achieve something by the end of the year, set up monthly check-ins. Buy a journal and take notes of where you started and the progress you are making. This is an incredible tool to look back on and see how much you’ve achieved.

Listen to Yourself in 2020

Above all, remember to have compassion for yourself and your body. Be mindful of how you’re treating yourself. Make it your goal in 2020 to listen to your body. And remember to set goals for your mindset and emotional health as well as the physical. As with exercising and healthy eating, don’t go with the “all or nothing” approach. The most important thing is to not give up!  Find what works for you and your lifestyle and stick with it.

If you have any more questions about improving your chances of fertility, schedule a consultation or for more information about commonly asked questions see our video resources.