The most important and helpful thing for our patients is being assigned an IVF coordinator.  They begin immediately working on helping you become comfortable navigating the medication process.  We understand this can become a complicated process, but it is very important.  We recommend that you give yourself at least a month to prepare for IVF.  This allows time to coordinate the details of your IVF process and the time to receive your medicine.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Your IVF Start Date:

  • Travel schedule or work obligations.  You will need to be in town once your treatment begins, so plan accordingly to your schedule.
  • Insurance coverage, it can take some time to get approvals for medicines and navigate which specialty pharmacy will work for your insurance coverage.
  • Most likely your medicine will be mixed and shipped directly to you with all the needed supplies.  This time should also be factored into your start date.
  • Menstrual Cycle timing will also be part of choosing the appropriate start date.

Your coordinator and the team at Dominion Fertility will be at your side for this entire process, so please do not get overwhelmed.  We will provide you all the necessary information in advance to make this process very simple.  We are also here to answer questions.  We know this can be a lot of information so we will gladly continue to guide you through your entire treatment.  We truly believe there are “no silly questions,” so please continue to ask questions to any of our staff.

Tips to Become Comfortable with your Medicine
We will have provided you a list of all the medicines and supplies that you should receive in your box from the specialty pharmacy.  We will want you to take inventory once you receive your medicine.  Please make sure you have all the necessary medicine and supplies.  We want you to receive the medicine with enough time for you to become comfortable and familiar with what is in your box, before your first injection day.

Designate an area in your house to store your medicine and to give injections.  Keep this consistent throughout your treatment.  This will help you feel organized and comfortable during your IVF process.  On the day of your injections start your preparation 30 minutes prior to your administration time.

To help our patients achieve success with their treatment, a home visit is required to learn how to prepare and administer injections safely and with proper technique.  Our very compassionate team will always be available to answer your questions and provide support as well, and will provide handouts and videos to use as references.   Your IVF coordinator will provide contact information for Pride & Joy Services to schedule you’re at home injection training. Pride and Joy Services is not associated with Dominion Fertility.  However, we do feel our patients greatly benefit from the training in their own home.  Be prepared, ask lots of questions and don’t be afraid.

We wish you all the success in the world and remember Dominion Fertility is here for you.