Starting a family isn’t one-size-fits-all. Every journey towards parenthood looks different, and while infertility isn’t often talked about, it affects 1 in 8 couples around the United States. Infertility can be emotionally exhausting and physically demanding, but with the help of Dominion, these three couples were able to realize their dream of expanding their families.

Meet John and Laura 

John and Laura never imagined that getting pregnant would be difficult for them. They both come from large families and expected they would be able to easily start one of their own. After two years of trying to conceive, they decided to have a consultation with Dominion Fertility and began their first cycle of IVF with Dr. Michael DiMattina. When they received the news that they were pregnant with their first son, a strenuous birth led to the loss of their child. Devastated, they met with Dr. DiMattina and were reassured that their hopes of being parents weren’t over. Regaining hope, they tried again and thirteen months after losing their son, they gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Building on their successful journey with Dominion, John and Laura were able to grow their family further with another child a couple of years later.

“We’ve taken our children into Dominion Fertility to meet the doctors and nurses and they are so over the moon for your success. They know how much it means to you. And they want it for you.”

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Meet Ayesha and Damien 

Ayesha and Damien always knew they wanted children to complete their family and have a full and enriching life together. After months of trying, they received the news that they were pregnant. Sadly, weeks later, the pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage. Their doctor recommended that Damien get tested to identify the best options for treatment as a couple, and after working with Dominion, they were able to complete their first IVF cycle. Unfortunately, none of the embryos in that first round were considered genetically normal. After a 90-day break, Ayesha and Damien were able to begin their second cycle of treatment, and shortly after, they received the news that they were pregnant with their baby girl!

“After meeting with Dominion Fertility we felt safer in knowing that there could be a brighter future for us, and that’s what they delivered.”

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Meet Stella and Chris

After trying to get pregnant for over 4 years, Stella and Chris considered that age may be affecting their chances of getting pregnant, and decided to consult a doctor to help their dreams of parenthood become a reality. They began a rollercoaster of IVF treatment, and while they had over 12 fertilized eggs, only one was viable. Staying optimistic, they nicknamed the embryo “Nemo” from the Pixar film Finding Nemo, clinging to the hope that it only takes one. Fortunately, Stella and Chris were able to successfully carry “Nemo” to term, giving birth to their daughter in 2017.

“When we finally made the decision to talk to the doctors at Dominion Fertility, they are so brilliant at meeting you right where you are and feel immediately like you are in good hands. Dominion Fertility navigated every minute of this journey so gracefully with us and before you know it you get the phone call that you’re pregnant. Every minute of the pain that we had for 4 years, just went away.”

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We’re Here For You 

Every fertility story is different and unique, but we hope that these examples from couples we’ve been lucky to work with continue to give you hope. If you are currently living with infertility or believe that you may be struggling to conceive because of infertility, schedule a consultation or join our support group. We’re here for you every step of the way.