Infertility patients can have that beautiful baby you are dreaming of. 

The journey to parenthood can be very difficult for some couples. You look around and see pregnant ladies, strollers filled with cherub faced babies, families playing together at parks and on the beaches. For an infertility patient, these can be very difficult scenes to witness. Sometimes the path we end up on, even though it is not the one we would choose, still leads to that beautiful baby you are dreaming of.

Our patient overcame childhood leukemia and with Natural Cycle IVF conceived.

At Dominion Fertility, we have so many of these couples, so many heartwarming success stories. I want to share the story of a couple that came to see Dr. DiMattina because they could not get pregnant on their own. This patient overcame childhood leukemia. So, not only was she struggling with infertility as an adult, she had already beaten cancer as a child. She was determined to make her dream of motherhood a reality, and maintained a positive outlook through her cycles. This patient’s spouse overcame testicular cancer that resulted in the removal of one testicle, yet we were still able to use his fresh sperm. After a full evaluation by Dr. DiMattina, the couple decided to pursue Natural Cycle IVF. During this type of cycle, no medications are used to stimulate the ovary to produce follicles. We simply follow the naturally developing follicle, perform an egg retrieval when that follicle is mature, fertilize the egg in our embryology laboratory and perform an embryo transfer either 3 or 5 days later. We were not successful with the first 2 cycles, but the couple hung in there, and we had success with cycle 3 following a day 5 embryo transfer. She is now pregnant, and after a final ultrasound showing a healthy heartbeat of one baby, she has been directed back to her OB physician for routine pregnancy care. We can’t wait to meet this baby when he or she makes their way into the world!

Whatever the reason for your unique infertility problems, the doctors and nurses here at Dominion Fertility will work to help you navigate the path that led you to us.

Many patients come to us with either known or unknown reasons for their infertility. Some are experiencing problems with ovulation or sperm production, some, like this couple are dual cancer survivors. Whatever the reason, the doctors and nurses here at Dominion Fertility will work to help you navigate the path that led you to us. Our ultimate goal is your successful baby, and we will work with you every step of the way to make your dreams a reality!

– Samantha, Nurse Coordinator at Dominion Fertility