The Fertility Trigger Shot

Giving yourself these HCG trigger shots are not that scary!

During almost every type of fertility cycle we do, we have you take a HCG trigger shot. Yep. This is the one that goes in the butt with what looks like a needle long enough to reach your toes – yikes!

Don’t stare at the needle.

Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it looks, although staring at the needle can be a very anxiety-provoking experience. My best advice? Don’t. Don’t stare at it. Don’t analyze it. Don’t stress about it. Just commit and do it! The needle needs to be long enough (between 1 and 1 ½ inches) to reach the muscle. Ladies who are on the smaller, thinner side will do fine with a 1-inch needle, but ladies more like myself (a little extra storage in the trunk area) may need that 1½-inch needle to reach the muscle. We can even draw a really fancy circle on your bum so there’s a target! I also recommend lying down while you get it, just in case you get a little lightheaded from the thought of it.

Relax. You won’t do it wrong.

Next bit of advice… RELAX!!! This is a really hard thing to goof up. Really. You have to seriously work at it to do something wrong! As long as you mix it, get it in the syringe, and get the needle in your bum, you’ll be fine.

To be totally prepared and lower the stress factor here, you and your shot-giver should watch the preparation and administration video we give you with the written instruction sheet for the HCG. Do this at the BEGINNING of the cycle, not 10 minutes before you’re due to get the shot. This way, you can ask questions during the cycle and we can help you through it.

– Nursing Coordinator, Sam Smith R.N