At Dominion Fertility our patients are treated like family and so are their embryos and eggs. We would like to insure our patients and any future patients that your embryos and eggs will be safe at Dominion Fertility.  We have a very rigorous safety protocol in place to avoid any possible harm.  First off, every morning and evening each tank is inspected and nitrogen levels are measured.  This report is then sent to our Medical Director daily.  We also have back up generators if there is any power outage.  Along with the protocol above, we have alarms on each tank, which notify several staff members at Dominion Fertility if the nitrogen levels in the tank were to drop. This allows 12-24 hours to correct an issue before any negative outcome.  Most of our staff members are less than 30 minutes away from our facility; therefore we have more than an ample amount of time to take care of any problem.

The Matcher System

Not only do we have protective measures for our embryo and egg storage, but we also have protective measures to keep the identity of our eggs, embryos and sperm safe.  Dominion Fertility is one of the few fertility clinics in the United States that has the Matcher System.  It is a bar code that goes on all our patients’ samples and matches their personal identity card.  We scan both each time to prevent any possible mix-ups in our lab.  Our patients can rest assure that we are using their eggs, embryo and sperm.  This is something that all patients should be concerned with when looking into fertility clinics.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Dominion Fertility with any questions regarding safety.