Today’s research shows that 1 out of 8 couples will have trouble conceiving a child on their own. Recently, on ABC News they reported that many women are turning to fertility apps to help get pregnant. Unfortunately, most infertility cases cannot be solved with an app and require a Fertility Doctor.  The apps cannot replace a physician’s care; however they can help women better understand their body and the patterns in their monthly cycle.

We asked our Dominion Fertility Facebook group to let us know the apps that they feel are helpful in conjunction with their fertility care.  Here is what apps were recommended:

Flo – They said this app was helpful for tracking your days during IUI treatments

Fertility Friend  – This app allows you to add things like IUI, IVF cycle and even medicine.

Clue – Is a period and health tracker app that some people also found useful.

There are many different apps that are popular that were not mentioned such as Ava, Glow and Ovusense, some are free and some are fee based. These apps are not going to guarantee you will get pregnant, nor are they likely to solve your infertility problem. However, they will help you become more aware of your body, which is always helpful.  Just remember it is an app and will not replace necessary medical care.

We welcome any questions at Dominion Fertility and would love for you to explore the “Dominion Way” for your fertility treatments.