The typical egg donor is a healthy young woman in her twenties who desires to help others in having a baby. In our experience, egg donors tend to be intelligent, altruistic, sincere women who are knowledgeable about the difficulties that many couples face with their infertility. Most egg donors come from the local community near the infertility practice. They have learned about infertility from their friends, family, the Internet, and the media. Many egg donors have their own children and wish to help others to experience parenthood/ pregnancy. Other donors state that they are 100% sure that they themselves do not desire children and wish their eggs to be used by someone else who feels differently. Finally, some donors have undergone abortions for unwanted pregnancy and view the egg donation process as a means to work through their ambivalence about that previous decision.

Most of the donors whom we recruit for our practice have a college degree or are actively pursuing one. Most anonymous donors are reimbursed for their time and the expenses involved in the screening and treatment process. The screening usually takes 2 to 3 months to complete and the IVF treatment takes 4 to 6 weeks.

In our experience, women who donate their eggs are very responsible individuals and genuinely concerned about carefully completing their role in the IVF treatment process to achieve a successful outcome.