IVF and Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS): Congrats to my patient from Saudi Arabia!

Several IVF failures while in Saudi Arabia. 

A 41 year old lady who lives in Saudi Arabia underwent 7 stimulated IVF procedures and multiple embryo transfers there resulting in her having two spontaneous abortions but no baby.

Successful pregnancy once she came to Dominion Fertility. 

She then travelled to Virginia to see me for infertility treatment in our IVF/PGS program. We obtained 24 eggs producing 4 blastocysts embryos. PGS testing resulted in only one genetically normal embryo, which we transferred back into her uterus. Now, she is 10 weeks pregnant doing well and back in her country after only one IVF procedure and a single embryo transfer with us. Yeah!!!

​Higher success rates when IVF is combined with PGS.

Data in our laboratory and elsewhere shows that a pregnancy outcome for IVF using PGS is constant through maternal age until age 43 years old. In other words, patients 30 years old or 42 years old have the same embryo implantation rates when using IVF and PGS. That is definitely not true when PGS is omitted.

This patient benefitted from the advantages of adding PGS and finding her one normal embryo that resulted in her successful pregnancy. We are most pleased with her success!

Michael DiMattina, M.D. Director, Dominion Fertility