Infertility is an extraordinarily common disorder. An estimated 25% of all women will experience an episode of infertility during their lifetime. In the United States, infertility currently affects about 6.1 million women and their partners. The percentage of reproductive-age women who report problems in successfully conceiving and maintaining a pregnancy varies with age. In the youngest segment of the population, approximately 10% to 15% are affected by this problem. Among women older than age 35, however, more than one-third report diminished fertility. The rates of pregnancy loss are also related to a woman’s age, with the rate of miscarriage exceeding 50% in women older than age 40.

Kristin comments:

When you’re in the throes of infertility, desperately wanting a child while seemingly everybody around you gets pregnant on their “first try,” you wonder if you’re the only one who can’t get pregnant. My husband and I have been very open about our fertility problems, and once I really started to share our story with friends and acquaintances I discovered I was not alone . . . far from it. I have created amazing friendships with other “infertiles” I have met through Internet communities, reading blogs, and even support groups in my area.